Comments from Bruce Malmberg, the four time Canadian National Champion:

WOW, am I impressed with this release, I spent about an hour playing with springs and the tension on the trigger.

Once I had it set, it was going off SO consistently, I was drilling the X on the 3 spot FITA face for 2 hours.

On Sunday I was at the range again this time I shot a 5 spot target.

I was shooting with several other compound shooters who are very talented, they were shooting 26's and I was shooting my 2312's, we all were shooting 5 spots, after 3 hours I had one hole in 4 of the 5 spots with only one arrow out of the X.

After that all the guys wanted to try it so I never got a chance to shoot it the rest of the day.

I pull against the trigger very hard, setting it off with back tension (after 2 years with a back tension release it is al lI can do) I have the trigger set stiff, when I draw the bow, it settles so still on the X, and I pull. I can't pull on a light trigger because I lose back tension due to fear of a light trigger going off too fast, the setting I have now keeps me below the 8 second mark.

I had a buddy timing my shots and he said it was consistently 5-6 seconds.

You have a GREAT release here.

Bruce Malmberg
4 time Canadian National Champion