MAKO NEW with Patent-pending Trigger Travel Amplification TM

Experience the new ZERO CREEP releases for yourself.

Back Tension Shooters: The trigger tension is infinitely adjustable from firm to stiff for shooters who use Back Tension. This allows the shooter to achieve perfect timing. Just lay your thumb on or wrap it around the trigger knob and pull. This is not a hair trigger design that can easily be punched.

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Taking the design of our CX-1 even farther, the Mako’s finger grip area has improved ergonomics and its overall shape is a more classic profile.

The Mako is designed for the spot and 3D shooter who needs extreme accuracy. The new
Trigger Travel Amplification TM feature eliminates creep. A wide range of trigger stiffness comes standard.

The release is cocked by depressing the Cocking Button. This button is conveniently located near the thumb for easy access.

Trigger tension can be fine tuned by simply turning large set screw with an Allen key or change the spring by removing the set screw. After the spring has been replaced, you can then micro adjust the tension.

Finger versions:
Three and Four


Colors: Red, Black, Blue, and Green

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